NABARD Lead Crop Project in Barpeta, Assam (NER)

This project was launched in May 2012 and will continue till 2015 at the Chenga Block of Barpeta District comprising  the five cluster villages of Niz Chenga, Khongra Manari, Balatari and Rowmari. `53 lakh have been sanctioned by NABARD against the project.

Progress till date:

  • A technological transfer office at Chenga has been set up to implement the project.
  • Total number of farm families covered under this project is 3733. Under this project crops selected are Rice, Mustard, Potato, Jute, and Tomato.

Potato Cultivation from True Potato Seeds (TPS) were tried out for the first time in the area where usually tubers are used for production which is comparatively costly whereas usage of seeds reduce the costs of cultivation substantially.

  • Three farmer training programmes were conducted with scientists from Kishan Vigyan Kendra, Barpeta as resource persons and one such training was conducted with the help of officials of the Monsanto seed company on Maize cultivation
  • A field training on soil sample collection was conducted and 98 soil samples collected and tested. Soil Report Cards were provided to each farmer to aggregate sample results.
  • Under the Seed Village concept, foundation seeds of the Mahsuri variety of rice were provided to 113 farmers and arrangements made for seed certification procedures. Fertilizers and Cono weeders were also provided to the farmers under the project.
  • Demonstrations on biological pest control measure in rice fields were also conducted.

Healthy vegetative growth of Maize crops developed from Hybrid seeds (Monsanto) from which a higher yield is expected.

  • During the Rabi season a Mustard Seed Village with  500 farmers will be set.
  • 5 demonstration plots  on maize cultivation have been planned out.
  • An exposure visit for farmers is also on the anvil.
  • 500 kilograms of certified Mustard seeds of TS-36 variety were distributed to 500 farmers.
  • Field day organized in presence all departments like Kishan Vigyan Kendra ,DAO and  AGVB.
  • 5 Maize and 2 True Potato Seed (TPS) demonstration plots have been developed with each plot covering 5 bighas of land.