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Promoting Farmer Collectives & Improving Resilience of Vulnerable Communities

Project Period: June 2019-May 2022 (Extended till Nov 2022)

Project Cost: 4,981 crores

Project funded by: Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives

Project Coverage: 2200 marginal farmer households residing in 15 villages of Bhurbandha block, Morigaon district, Assam

Project objectives & expected results:
Overall Objective: To contribute towards poverty alleviation and sustainable well-being of the vulnerable communities residing in the flood prone district of Morigaon through economic empowerment.
Specific objective: 2200 smallholder households residing in 15 contiguous villages of Bhurbhanda block are capacitated to increase their agricultural production and income while developing resilience to floods.

The expected results are:

Result 1: 2200 smallholder farm families are capacitated to increase farm production, income and food security.

Result 2: 2200 smallholder farmers are capacitated to access better markets and extension services.

The main areas of intervention of the project are: 1. Technology transfer: which includes simple, affordable, acceptable and environment friendly agricultural package of practice.

2. Institution building: includes formation and strengthening of farmer groups and farmer group association to enhance collective strength to overcome problems in the household level agricultural activities that they take up for their family’s sustenance.

3. Marketing extension: includes promotion of collective buying of inputs and collective selling of surplus to avail fair price.

Project’s Success Story:

Promoting Farmer Collectives & Improving Resilience of Vulnerable Communities

Yangli Farmer Producer Company Limited is a business set up run by women from 15 villages under Bhurbandha Development Block of Morigaon district. This company has 1002 numbers of shareholders which are organized under 100 Farmer Interest Group. Out of 2002 shareholders, 993 are women. Board of Director includes 8 women and 2 men. The company was formed under initiative of RGVN-APPI project with guidance from Department of Agriculture, Morigaon. It was formally set up on 3rd day of May 2021 with a pooled up share capital of Rs.5,01,000. As on 31st October 2021 its unaudited financial statement shows an amount of Rs. 19,73,588.00 as business turn over for a period of five months. At present the company has been engaged in two major business activities.

1. Vermicompost and Vermiwash Production.

2. Paddy Production (Bina 11, Ranjit sub -1, Sarna sub -1, Black Rice, Joha Rice etc.).

Of late, a “Common Service Center (CSC)” has been set up in association with district administration to provide various e-services to the farmers. A “Custom Hiring Center (CHC)” was also set up with joint effort of Department of Agriculture and APART Project for promotion of mechanization in agri farming practices. It has a registered office at Manipur village on a plot of 1.5 bigha land donated by “Manipur Unnyan Samitte”. Yangli FPCL has robust tie up with Department of Agriculture, APART, KVK – Morigaon, District Administration, Local Gaon Panchayat and various buyer agencies etc.