Skill Development and Capacity Building

At RGVN Skill Building cuts across sectors and stands under three heads:

Capacity Building for Institution Development

RGVN builds the capacities of grassroot level institutions like SHGs, NGOs, Cooperatives and Farmers’ Clubs. Trainings are carried out in the field of motivation, OD, group formation, governance, leadership skills, financial literacy and book keeping. Capacity Building for Institutional Development is central to building strong institutions among the poor and vulnerable. The training are carried out by RGVN personnel or through partnerships with other resource organisations.

Skill Upgradation for Sectoral Interventions

RGVN takes up Skill Building for the different sectors it works for. The skills of many of the existing staff and also new staff  are built up. Skills relating to technological improvement in agri and allied sectors are built on a priority basis and experts from renowned agri institutions are involved in imparting the training.

Skill Building for Livelihood in Service Sectors

A number of Skill Building institutions and companies  have tied up with RGVN on building skills for life long employability in service sectors such as – mobile phone repair, electronics repair, electrical wireman, carpenter, tailors surveyor assistant etc as also building soft skills so that youth from the areas in which RGVN works can find suitable employment, both in their states as also outside. This could be taken up under CSR projects.