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Other activities

DSL Initiative


  • Earthquake relief were provided to the people affected in Sikkim with support from SDTT.
  • Relief were given to flood survivors of Odisha with support from JRDTT.

Disaster Risk Reduction Project With Oxfam In Assam

RGVN partnered with Oxfam India towards Disaster Risk Reduction Programme in Assam. The 18 month project began January 1, 2012 in 20 villages of Nalbari and Kamrup Districts being located in the flood prone development blocks. Some 4,500 households are expected to be covered directly by the project with a population of about 20,000 people.

The major focus area of the project is disaster preparedness, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), livelihood generation and advocacy related to disaster. Activities undertaken are:

  • Baseline Surveys done  in 20 selected villages.

  • Village Mapping/Micro Planning for 14 villages has been completed by using PRA .

  • KAP (Knowledge Attitude and Practice) and Sanitary Survey done in  selected villages.

  • Training on PHP (Public Health Promotion)

  • Raised hand pump and sanitary latrine has been constructed.

  • Solar Lights distributed to 52 households in Narikuchi, Chatma Bathan and Hurmabori villages.

  • SRI Promotion