Project Period: 2018-2023

Project funded by: Kindernotehilfe, Germany

About the Project: The project is about children taking charge and building community awareness and conscientization for their protection. Area: Byrnihat – 10 villages (6 villages in Meghalaya and 4 in Assam) 


  •   A cleaner environment
  •   Reduction in school drop-out of children
  •   Prevention of child labour and sexual abuse
  •  Cessation of abuse of harmful intoxicants.

Project Activities:

  • Construction of dustbin and distribution of 180 waste bins in three villages and also organize awareness on waste management system.
  • Basic computer training for 51 students.
  • Interactive meetings held between the child clubs and factory owners.
  • Candle making training for the IAROILANG SHG members in Umling.
  • Construction of two dustbins completed in Hograpara and Bortandu villages respectively for throwing wastages and develop a system to select a person to collect the wastage from the central dustbin and dispose them in a safe place.
  • Children day celebration was organized in Byrnihat. Children and parents from different villages participated in a peace procession showcasing protection of environment.
  • A health camp and an awareness programme on waste management were organized in Nongthymmai on the 11th December 2019.
  • Healthy competitions amongst children.
  • Network building with factory owners, government agencies, elected representatives and village authorities.
  • Awareness programmes on Right To Education (RTE), environment preservation and substance abuse.
  • Mentoring of SBI fellow in Byrnihat.
  • Training on beautician and wellness.