Rehabilitation Project in Sikkim with Tata Steel

This one year programme began in July 2012 in two Gram Panchayat Units under Mangan Sub-Division in North Sikkim. The programme was supported by Tata Steel with  `30 lakh. The Sir. Dorabji Tata Trust (SDTT) contributed `1.19 lakh towards conducting a Baseline Survey. Earlier on SDTT provided relief in the area. The project aims to provide livelihood opportunities to 100 underprevileged households through scientific pig rearing to enhance economic condition of the earthquake victims. This apart, it also aims at Institution Building by promoting ten sustainable SHGs and two project management committees.

  • All the activities outlined in the Phase-I stage of implementation in Ship-Gyer GPU have been accomplished. It comprised of a Baseline Survey, Selection of Beneficiaries, Formation of SHGs and Capacity Building, Constitution of Project Management Committees, distribution of 150 piglets to 50 beneficiaries (3 piglets including 1 boar to each beneficiary) and training on scientific pig fattening, insurance of piglets, administration of vet care and vaccination, supply of feed for the animals, distribution of poly pipes and an exposure visit for the beneficiaries to govt. pig farm in Tingvong.
  • For successful implementation and sustainability of the project by ensuring livelihoods of the earthquake victims, experts from veterinary department have been continuously involved. The Deputy Director and the Veterinary Officer of the Animal Husbandry Department, Mangan (North Sikkim) have been very instrumental in this regard. The piglets have been also supplied from the Government pig farms located in Mangan. The scientific training on pig fattening has also been conducted by the Deputy Director and the Veterinary Officer of Animal Husbandry Department.
  • The Phase-II of the project is under way in the other selected GPU of Sakyong Pentong.