Vaccination Campaign

Vaccination Campaign

Vaccination Campaign

Promoting Farmer Collectives and Improving Resilience of Vulnerable Communities Project:

A livestock vaccination and deworming campaign of Pig was organized in 1 No Manipur Village (Morigaon District) recently.

The importance of Vaccination and deworming in animals :

*Veterinary vaccines have had, and continue to have, a major role in protecting animal health and public health, reducing animal suffering, enabling efficient production of food animals to feed the burgeoning human population, and greatly reducing the need for antibiotics to treat food and companion animals.

*Deworming helps to keep your livestock healthy and ultimately supports your dairy farming business to flourish. Tapeworms, flukes, roundworms, and other internal parasites leave hazardous effects of cattle’s overall health.

*Vaccinating animals helps in stimulating an immune response without causing the disease itself. This creates early exposure to disease-causing organisms, where the animals’ immune system is able to recall the infectious agent to which the animal is vaccinated.

*Vaccination helps provide for sustainable and economic stability for farmers and the communities they serve.

*When animals are not well cared for it leads to a reduced resistance to diseases and leads to the development of clinical diseases.

*They are efficient in preventing the transmission and spread of contagious animal diseases (zoonotic diseases) from animals to people and from animal to animal.

*A vaccine is a cost-effective method used in preventing animal diseases; they are generally safe, efficient and are associated with few severe side effects.

*They are good for long-term prevention because you get to avoid diseases and illness that may cost you more than what the vaccines cost.