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A Micro Plan Exercise

A Micro Plan Exercise

A Micro Plan Exercise

A Micro Plan exercise was conducted recently at Ped Pakra EDC, Chakrashila Area Range under Kokrajhar Wildlife Division.

The overall vision of the project is to contribute through the Forest Department towards the conservation and restoring of forest ecosystems in collaboration with the forest dependent communities. Also enhancing their livelihoods by ensuring sustainable use of biodiversity and making them a happier community in the process.

Objectives of Micro planning

*Ensure actual participation of the villagers for proper utilization of resources.

*Assess the dependence of communities on the forest resources.

*Assess the quantity, quality and present utilization of forest resources by the villagers.

*Identify the importance of existing forest resources.

*Identify the challenges encountered by the villagers in utilizing the services of the forest and find solutions therein.

*Prioritize the schemes to be undertaken according to the social, cultural, political and economic situation of the villagers and the availability of natural resources.

*Ensure that the benefits of the schemes planned and implemented reach all stakeholders.

RGVN’s concerned team is on ground implementing and executing the strategic plan which emphasizes communication and ensures that information gets shared with everyone who needs it.

A Micro Plan Exercise